WEX (Wireless Expression)

The Wireless Expression device (WEX) is a system to control a pedal’s expression wirelessly. Think of it as an Expression Knob that you can attach anywhere, or make any expression pedal wireless with the jack version.

It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Each device has some dip-switches to configure its parameters.


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WEX Features:

  • Manual expression mode (like Expression Knob but wireless).
  • LFO mode (ramping) with 4 shapes, invert, offset and depth and speed controls.
  • Two communication channels to allow two different transmitters in the same room, each one connected to one or more receivers.
  • Battery powered transmitter with standby/battery charging status LED.
  • Receiver LED for expression feedback.


  • Can be charged with a standard 9V center negative plug like a normal pedal.
  • Once charged, battery will last more than a week playing around 8h/day.
  • Knob controls expression value or speed when LFO dip-switch is enabled.
  • Dip-switches: channel, enable LFO, offset, depth.
  • Sucker to attach to a guitar o other flat surfaces. Remove gently with a guitar pick or similar.

NEW! Transmitter (jack version):

  • Same features as normal transmitter except sucker (flat surface instead).
  • Connect any TRS (stereo) expression pedal to this transmitter to make it completely wireless, transmitter has a built-in battery.
  • If no pedal is connected to the jack input, it will work as a normal transmitter.
  • If an expression pedal is connected, the built-in knob will be disabled and pedal will be used to change value.
  • Enable LFO with the DIP switche and change the LFO speed with your foot.


  • Powered with 9V center negative.
  • TRS expression output to connect it to any pedal with TRS expression (Chase Bliss, Strymon, Hologram, Meris, etc) with any stereo patch cable. Ensure it’s +5V expression compatible.
  • Dip switches: channel, reverse expression, LFO shape selection: Sine, Triangle, Random, Square.

The two frequency channels allows to use combinations like:

  • 1 Transmitter -> 1 Receiver: Standard way to control a pedal’s expression remotely.
  • 1 Transmitter -> 1 or more receivers (all at same channel): Signal will be duplicated by each receiver with the exception of LFO shape and expression reverse status which are configured in each receiver.
  • 2 Transmitters -> multiple receivers: Each group configured to a different frequency will allow you to control multiple pedals without interfering. Example: 1 transmitter in manual expression sends to 1 receiver. Another transmitter with LFO enabled sends a tremolo to two different receivers (one of them maybe inverted and with a different LFO shape).

People in the US/Canada keep in mind:

  • Shipping times are usually 4-6 weeks or even more.
  • Despite sending with tracking number, USPS website doesn’t show the tracking information of packages from Spain with standard shipping (expedited does).

Ask me any doubts about compatibility or features on Instagram (@el_garatge) or at info@elgaratge.com

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg

1 Transmitter (Jack) + 1 Receiver, 1 Transmitter + 1 Receiver, 1 Receiver

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