Thermae Time Knob

The Time Knob for Chase Bliss Audio Thermae only, is a device that adds some new features to your pedal. It connects to the Midi Thermae input with any stereo cable.


  • Time: From 70ms to 1.8s
  • Toggle slow mode easily
  • Restart pitch intervals after 4 counts.


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Modes of operation:

  • Off (switch down position): Device disabled, no data will be sent from the device.
  • Time (switch middle position): Midi clock is sent all the time, delay time is selected with the knob. Fastest times will allow you to generate some chorus effects if combined with interval and glide knobs.
  • Time in slow mode (switch high position): Same as the time mode but slow mode will be enabled.

Experimental mode: (restart pitch interval sequence)

To enter the experimental mode, move the switch fast from the off position directly to the high position (slowly it won’t work).
If the experimental mode was selected successfully, the pedal will change to bypass, count to 4 with the tempo led in Thermae, and then engage the pedal automatically again with the pitch intervals starting from the beginning.
The desired tempo needs to be selected in one of the normal modes first. Then, when you engage the experimental mode, it will use that tempo when counting the beats before engaging the pedal.

Once the pedal is enabled again, any slight move of the knob in any direction will retrigger this mode again: bypass pedal, count to 4 and engage pedal. Knob won’t change the tempo while in this mode.

To exit this mode just move the switch to any position.

This mode is intended for sequence mode only, in step mode it has no benefits.

US/Canada customers:
– Shipping times are usually 4-6 weeks or even more.
– Despite sending with tracking number, USPS website won’t show the tracking information of packages from Spain.


  • TRS (stereo) male-male cable is needed (mono patch cable will NOT work).
  • It is powered by any standard 9V, center negative power supply (not included).
  • Thermae must be using Midi channel #2 (default one) in order to work with this device.
  • In any of the time modes, Thermae tap tempo won’t work because midi clock is being sent all the time from this device. You need to switch to off position to use Thermae tap tempo.

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