Expression Knob

„I have used so many pedals, but never in my life would I lug around an expression pedal.
So the extra knob comes in handy for a synthesist such as me.“ – Hainbach





The Expression Knob is the smallest expression “pedal”. It allows you to control a pedal’s expression without losing any space on the pedalboard. It connects directly to the pedal without needing any cable.

Usage examples (may depend on each brand):

  • Multiple parameters: Changing multiple parameters at once if the pedal allows it via expression.
  • Limiter: In brands like Chase Bliss Audio and others, you can set a max value from a pedal knob and all the expression range will only move within the selected range, adding more precision.

Knob is made of CNC-machined aluminum. The rest of the body is made with nylon.

Works with many brands: Chase Bliss Audio, Meris, Strymon, Hologram, EHX, Empress, Fairfield Circuitry, Cooper FX, Walrus Audio, Montreal Assembly (CT5), Red Panda, Spaceman Effects, DryBell, EarthQuaker Devices, Pigtronix, Eventide…

People in the US/Canada keep in mind:
– Shipping times are usually 4-6 weeks or even more.
– Despite sending with tracking number, USPS website doesn’t show the tracking information of packages from Spain.


Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
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