Echo Knob

The Echo Knob is a tiny LFO (aka ramping) that connects to your pedal expression input to automate it. It also allows you to record a custom pattern that will play in loop. It is powered with 9V center negative as most pedals.


  • Two modes: LFO and Echo. Double press to change mode.
  • LFO mode: Sends an oscillating signal to pedal. Rotate the knob to change speed. Button + Knob will change LFO shape (TRI, SQR, RND) and depth (check diagram).
  • Echo mode: Allows to record and play a custom knob movement. Hold button to REC and release to play automatically the recorded pattern (up to 10 seconds).
  • Single button press to play / stop in any of the modes, very easy to start and stop the automation.
  • When stopped, the knob will behave like an Expression Knob, allowing you to control expression manually. Start LFO / Echo pattern again with a button press.
  • LED indicates the current expression value.
  • Designed to fit Chase Bliss Audio pedals, check device size for other brands, especially if they have other connectors near the expression one.

What does it offer:

  • If you already have a Chase Bliss pedal with ramping, it allows you to easily start/stop the LFO without moving the dip-switches (internal ramping is disabled when connecting the Echo Knob), in addition to 3 LFO shapes with configurable depth each one. It also allows you to record custom expression patterns.
  • For other pedals, you can create vibrato-like effects, add motion and possibilities to pedals that didn’t have this option but with an expression jack input. It will especially benefit from pedals with a wide range of expression options like Strymon, Hologram, Chase Bliss Audio…