Pocket Pixel: Herramienta para light painting

Hoy os quiero presentar una nueva herramienta para fotografíar con la técnica Light Painting. Se trata de un dispositivo compacto para ser usado con una sola mano, pensado a grandes rasgos para dos tipos de funciones distintas.

Por un lado se puede usar sujetándolo con la mano para dibujar formas de distintos colores y su otra función es para dejarlo fijo en el interior de una habitación o casa para iluminar de un color toda una estancia mientras hacemos la foto desde fuera.


  • Dispone de un botón on/off y 3 botones para usar los distintos modos.
  • La superfície cuadrada que ilumina mide aproximadamente 5,5cm x 4,5cm y produce una luz LED difusa.
  • Se alimenta con 4 baterías AA a través de un portapilas integrado en su caja.
  • Dispone de dos pequeños imanes a los lados de la superficie que ilumina para añadir posibles accesorios que cambien la forma de la luz o incluso añadan difusores de formas distintas.

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Making of "Pens and Swords"

Today I’m going to start a little project about how I make some of my photos or build my light tools, usually using materials that can be found at home, because sometimes there’s no need to have an amazing studio to create decent photos. I won’t describe the details in each case, and the making of photos will probably be made with the smartphone, but feel free to ask if you have any doubts 😉

The idea was suggested by my friend and photographer Xavier Carol, check his blog if you want: lalquimista.com

For this first photo, I used a feather I found on the street. With a cutter, I carefully cutted the feather to the point I wanted, and then I placed a decoration sword I had at home inside the feather. I wanted a dark background but also emphasize the details of the sword and feather, so I used my computer screen and a polarizing filter in the lens, rotating the filter to a point where I saw a black background.

With some exposure time, I could illuminate the objects and also keeping a dark background. Also, although I knew the final capture would be vertical, it was much easier to make the photo horizontally due to the working area of my “soft box”.







DIY LED torch for light painting: Results

I tried my recent built tool a few days ago, and I’m quite pleased with the results. Even using the LEDs at less than half power they illuminate a lot and worked great to create light orbs and other shapes like letters. Some examples below.