Leave it open

Some of you may use idea/sketch notebooks regularly to write down everything that comes to your mind and has value for you, ideas or sketches of something related with your passions.

Moleskine sketchbook

Ideas can emerge at any moment of the day, walking in the street, reading an article, talking to a friend… and it’s important to write them down at the moment you have them, because it may seem easy to remember an idea, but it’s not so easy to get it back, that’s what the notebooks are for. Some prefer to bring pocket-size notebooks everywhere, but I prefer an A5 size notebook, so I can’t carry my notebook always with me. What I do is write a note with some keywords in my smartphone just to remember what I have to write later.

Because of my noteboks’ size, I usually write in my room’s desk, but my notebook is often somewhere else, in my bag or a shelf. It may sound ridiculous but I’ve noticed (or at least happens to me), that I write quite more often if I leave my notebook open at my desk. Sometimes you don’t get any ideas until you pick a pencil (or a brush) and place in front of a blank canvas.

Also, I think it’s important to write only what you think it’s an idea (no matter if good or bad), if you want to write the shopping list or “TO DO” list, do it in another place, this will give more value to your notebook, even a little more motivation to get new ideas. You can feel the same motivation buying a Moleskine, but it’s the content what will make your notebook valuable. So if you need more ideas, no matter if you’re a musician, photographer, programmer, don’t just place the notebook on your desk, leave it open.


DIY Amazon Kindle 3 case

I purchased the new Amazon Kindle 3 some weeks ago, and I’m really satisfied with it, but I found the original cover too expensive, so I decided to do my own using a DVD case of a very bad movie instead.

The procedure:

    1. Take the worst DVD movie you find at home.
    2. Open the case completely so you separate and take out the paper with the synopsis and photo of the movie. You can flip this same paper as I did and put it inside again to get a white cover.
    3. Use a cutter to cut any plastic part of the inside of the cover that may annoy.
    4. A standard DVD case it’s slightly shorter than the Kindle so we’ll also cut the half top part of the case in order to close the cover without problems with the Kindle inside (see photos).
    5. Cover done!